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We at TukTuk Scooters surveyed Southern California and said we can and chose to tread more lightly on the streets of the San Fernando Valley. In so doing, we have now reduced our carbon footprint, and provide a more environmentally friendly form of transportation to our community and help to Save the Planet. Of course, this story needs a little background. In 2000, we entered the growing transportation industry in Southern California by providing limousines services throughout the San Fernando Valley, and the greater Los Angeles area. If you saw a limo back then, it was likely us. Over twenty years, we covered the city streets, and provided excellent service to our customers. We are and were proud of the services that we provided during the era of the stately “Black Car”. However, with the advent of “ridesharing”, electric vehicles, and the “gig economy”, we recognized that there was a better, smarter way of getting people around town, and over that last mile. So we sold our Black Car fleet of iconic orange and black electric scooters hit the streets. Our mission remains the same, although the means of transportation has been scaled down. We want to help you get to where you’re going safely, efficiently and in style. Always have…always will.

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